Sunday, June 04, 2006

News from an Ikea Diehard

Tony and I went to our “preview” shopping day at Ikea yesterday (a big thanks to all of you who helped by signing up for me). We made it out of there without making any MAJOR furniture purchases, but I have several ideas for the near future. Since we found out that we are having a girl, we have to think about which of our extra rooms we are going to give up, and that means we need to make some changes. You would think that after living with Joseph in a one-bedroom apartment we would have no problem sharing one of our extra bedrooms (we live in a four-bedroom house) with our new daughter. But somehow we’ve already grown into this house.

Shopping at the new Michigan Ikea yesterday had its ups and downs. Here’s my list.

Bad Things:

•It was not just “Tokig” and “Diehard” day. It was also friends and family day. Which meant that every person who works there was able to invite people. How many people, you ask? Who knows. Maybe five million. It was really crowded.

•We had to wait in a very long line to eat as well as to check out.

•We spent a lot of money and can do so again relatively easily.

•Now that there is an Ikea somewhat close by, it’s not so much a novelty. People will have the same stuff!!!!

•The store needs a better parking lot (or was it just the five million family and friends).

Good Things:
•Even though we had to wait, the cafeteria was open (we thought it wouldn’t be). Daim tortes, oh boy!!!

•The food in the cafeteria was on sale for this special event.

•We discovered the “as is” section for the first time really and found out sometimes you can get a really good bargain.

•We got an easel for Joseph.


•Oh my!!! There is an Ikea in Michigan!


Blogger TK said...

Seems odd that a brand new Ikea would have an as is section already. You're right about everyone having the same stuff. I really have to consider what I buy first--doesn't stop me, but I consider it. Actually, it's more that people recognize the stuff as being from Ikea, not that they have it, too. Gotta love the cheapo bookcases!

10:24 PM  
Anonymous t said...

It may have been the best "as is" section ever. It probably consisted of all the mistake pieces that came about from a "virgin showroom setup". An as is section that good comes about only once per Ikea.

1:31 PM  
Blogger Autumn said...

i saw the store saturday. we did a drive by. i'm waiting until july, after a bit of the newness dies down a tad. can't wait though to buy a whole bunch of stuff i really don't need. i knew i got this promotion for a reason.

p.s. aw, a little girl :) congrats!

12:16 PM  

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