Friday, June 02, 2006

So it's not decided then

WARNING!!! Spoiler alert!!! If you don't want to know if we are having a girl or boy, stop reading now.

Previously, I posted that we wouldn't know the sex of the baby because my doctor only did early ultrasounds unless there was some sort of problem. I had the option of paying for one, but we decided not to do that. I had been told by many people who go to the same practice that almost every person ends up having another ultrasound at some point, but until last week it seemed as though I was not going to get that chance. As it turns out, at my last appointment, my doctor said that I was measuring small, so even though it's pretty late in my pregnancy, I was scheduled for an ultrasound. The baby seems to be developing fine and is healthy, so that was a great relief. And as an added bonus, we found out that we will be having a little girl. I had a feeling that this baby was a girl, but now I know for sure (well, unless the ultrasound tech was wrong...)


Blogger TK said...

I can't wait to knit and buy fun girl things! You thought I spoiled Joseph with gifts. Just you wait! Actually, Joseph will continue to be spoiled, too. I promise.

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