Sunday, March 09, 2008


Maybe for some people this would not be a strange sight, but a couple of weeks ago while eating breakfast we saw this from our dining room window:

I know it's not the greatest picture, but you get the idea. Maybe I should take it as some kind of inspiration or metaphor for something, but Renée has been sleeping so poorly lately that my creativity is sapped. What do you think? Have you ever spotted hot air balloons from your house?


Blogger Tina said...

Cool! I bet the kids liked seeing them!
You'll have to count on someone else to come up with an inspiring metaphor - I am way too tired myself! Kids have been sleeping great here, but hubby has been keeping me up with a nasty cough...that somehow he can sleep through!

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did the balloons make you feel? Did the song 'up up and away in my beautiful balloon' get stuck in your head like it did in mine? I can never see them without thinking about how noisy they are when you're in that little basket, and how really high they go.


12:05 PM  
Blogger Autumn said...

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4:19 PM  
Blogger Autumn said...

i used to see them as a kid in the area i grew up in but we don't see any down here in the ghetto. even the balloons know to not pass eight mile.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous DJ said...

Blackjack the dog goes nuts for hot air balloons. I'm so glad balloons don't go off in the cold! How's life treating you these days?

8:54 PM  

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