Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The secret is out

Do you keep a blog? Yes, you do. Or a journal. Or something. C'mon, yes you do. Maybe I've already found it, and I've been reading it all along. But this one, this one I didn't know about (although I had my suspicions ). Anyway, she sent me this award and now her cover is blown. Welcome to the living, Shedding the Wolf! And thank you for sending this award my way.

And now, to whom do I bestow this lovely honor? I think I'll send it over to my knitting friend in Elko. TK over at Everywhere Knitting is living a wonderful adventure, and I love to read her updates. I hope that even though she is super super busy, she'll keep it up!


Blogger TK said...

Thanks. I posted yesterday! Looks like I'm keeping it up. I guess I can't just give it back to you, huh?

12:29 AM  

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