Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Translation, please.

I’ve often asked Joseph if he is a kid or a baby. He used to switch back and forth, depending on his mood, which is cute because that’s how I feel about him, too. Sometimes he really is such a little boy, and sometimes he's still a baby. But lately, when I ask him if he is a kid, he consistently tells me, “no.” I was worried that he was nervous about the new baby arriving soon and that maybe he was needing more “baby-like” attention (not that he doesn’t get it anyway). Feeling sad that he was so upset about growing up, I would occasionally tell him all of the fun things that kids can do that babies can’t. It didn’t seem to be working; he still would say that he wasn’t a kid. Then yesterday, I put it together. When I asked him if he was a baby or a kid, he answered, “kid is potato head.” Ahhhh, yes. He has a potato head family, and we call the small one the “kid.” Now I get it. Who would want to be that kind of kid even if you could do all of those special things that babies can’t? Maybe his thought process wasn’t as profound as I had imagined, but it sure was a relief. We are now working on baby vs. toddler instead.


Blogger TK said...

Joseph is a toddler. I don't want to think about him being a kid, potato head or otherwise. He did seem to avoid the question the few times you asked.

When we got into the car, Sarah turned to me and said, "Wow. Joseph is so smart." She was blown away--and that's saying a lot since she's been around a bunch of kids and babies.

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