Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nuts and berries

People talk about the phenomenon called “mommy brain.” You know, the thing that happens to your head when you have a child, making you unable to form coherent thoughts or speak intelligibly. Well, I have that; I definitely have that. I’ve been known to search for a correct word, only to finally come up with “vacuum cleaner,” when that’s not at all what I meant to say. What’s worse is that I continue on with the conversation, not bothering to substitute the correct word because Tony will undoubtedly understand using context clues that I really meant to say “garage door opener.” Who needs all of those nouns and verbs when grunting and pointing work so well? I’m not sure though that I can blame it on hormonal changes or lack of sleep. I think that the real problem is that after having children I have to spend so much time and energy on food. I sometimes feel like all we are doing is eating food, or preparing food, or thinking about what food to make next that it hardly leaves any time for grocery shopping or cleaning up the mess left over after eating the food. I’m not sure we’ve changed very much from a hunter-gatherer society.

I even check out food-related websites (See this one. Or this one.) in my spare time. I need to watch a movie or something. Which reminds me, I’d better add Fast Food Nation to my queue.


Anonymous guh! said...

Yikes, you are making me hungry. I think I graduated from mommy brain to just plain food brain, with no excuses. If it's any comfort, at least your food sites are cooler than mine. I usually end up on, so déclasé.

8:21 PM  

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