Monday, October 16, 2006

Excuse me, but you want me to do what?

The other day, Joseph was running around the house without a diaper on. Although very fun for him, this is nerve-racking for me because the kid is nowhere near being potty trained yet (When we first brought home his “little potty” he had fun climbing in it. Now, he prefers to pretend to empty the little bowl). Because I don’t want to be cleaning up stuff that really shouldn’t be on the floor, I tried to explain (again) how the whole potty thing works.

“Joseph, if you have to pee or poop (Yes, I say pee and poop now. Whatever, let’s move on.) go in the bathroom and use your potty.” And then, becoming concerned that he wouldn’t make it all the way to the bathroom, I added, “If you have to poop, try to hold it until you get into the bathroom so you can use your potty.”

Horrified, Joseph looked at me, and then slowly looked at his hands. He went back to playing, hoping the crazy lady would go away.


Blogger Autumn said...

hayden is so anti potty training!

can't we just hire super nanny to do this part for us?

6:15 PM  

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