Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Today I said hello to a long lost friend. At last.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Officially terrible

Last Friday Joseph turned two. We marked the occasion by taking him on a traumatizing trip to the doctor’s office. He cried from the moment the nurse asked him to step on the scale (and then consequently made him sit in the little baby cradle scale so we could get his weight, which only upset him more). Happy birthday son! Oh come on, it’s not like we didn’t have a party (we celebrated the previous weekend with family).

Joseph in turn celebrated this milestone by screaming at me to cut up his ravioli even more than it had already been cut, even though it was really already too small to successfully eat with a fork (especially by someone without years of fork experience). And NO I couldn’t use a fork to hold the ravioli; I had to saw at it with one hand and cut it smaller and smaller because all of the pieces were just WAY TOO BIG for him to possibly eat. In the end, he did not even take one bite. Here’s to another year, Mom.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sugar high

Here we are all the way in November, and my last post was on Halloween. I think I may still be recuperating from the fact that Joseph ate several lime-flavored Tootsie Rolls. (The kid had never really eaten candy before, and he chose those? Wouldn’t have been my first choice.) We’ve tried so hard to make sure that he eats a well-balanced, healthy diet (whatever that means), and so the choice to let him eat a little of his Halloween candy was not an easy one. But we let him, and the mixture of partially hydrogenated oils and corn syrup didn’t seem to make him explode or ooze any kind of toxic substance, but we’ll see what happens next year when he eats more than a couple of pieces.

So what has been going on since we gave our child candy? Not much. I’ve pretty much been busy holding crabby, crying children, wondering if the amount of hair that has fallen out of my hormonal head and has collected in the bottom of my bathroom garbage can is enough to make a full wig or just a small toupee. That, or why on earth do toy makers make “realistic” dolls that open their eyes when you pick them up and close them when you put them down in their beds when in reality it is the exact opposite.

That’s kind of how it is lately.

But don’t worry, you’ll hear from me soon. Today is Joseph’s second birthday. I’m sure I’ll have something to report other than the status of my post-pregnancy hair.